Friday, April 22, 2011

Gabe- Two Months

So much for weekly baby updates, right?  I'll shoot for monthly.

Q: How is baby Gabe?
A: Nothing short of amazing.  He is the most wonderful little ball of squishy baby and sunshine  a mommy could ever hope for.

Q: What new stuff is he doing?
A: Oh, only some of the coolest things babies can do.  Number one on that list would be smiling.  I thought my baby was beautiful before this momentous feat...but now?  Now I know what true beauty is.  There is truly nothing better than a smiling baby.  And when he smiles at me...oh, my heart.

He is also cooing.  I really can't stand how cute his tiny baby noises are.  Especially when they are a reaction to something I say or do.  Having a "conversation" with my son is my favorite...or maybe watching my son have a conversation with his daddy is my favorite...again, my heart.
Seeing some personality come out in the peanut is so much fun.  I simply can't wait to see what will happen next.

Q: How is the sleeping situation?
A: Well, we have good nights and bad nights.  I like to think that the bad nights can be chalked up to a growth spurt situation.  Most nights, it's really not too bad.  Gabe wakes up twice overnight to eat, then goes right back to sleep without a fuss.  But then there are the nights when he wakes up every hour and can hardly be put back down at all.  Thankfully, those nights have been few, and were mostly concentrated around the 6-week mark.  Only once have I been brought to tears due to the lack of sleep, at which point I shoved the monitor at J and begged him to deal with the boy for awhile so that I may have two hours of uninterrupted slumber.  I'd say once in almost nine weeks isn't too bad!

Q: How are the dogs dealing with the new addition?
A: Just as I predicted they would.  Delilah is on the alert all the time.  If the baby cries, she goes running to him.  She'd prefer to sleep on the floor in Gabe's room rather than any other place in the house.  She doesn't like when I hang the quilt over the side of the crib, obstructing her view inside, so she pushes it away with her nose.  She must be near Gabe at all times.  She is a good mama dog (even if Gabe doesn't always see it that way).
Daphne, on the other hand, could care less about Gabe.  As a matter of fact, most times, I'm not sure she even knows he's here.  Life has carried on as normal for her.

Q: What are Gabe's two month stats?
A: Well, luckily that doctor told us that there will be major fluctuations over the first two years, or I may think that they switched my baby with someone else at the hospital.  He is currently 23 1/4 inches long- that's the 75th percentile- and weighs 10lbs 10oz- that's the 30th percentile.  That's right, he's a tall and skinny baby.  J and I made a tall and skinny kid?  Say what?  Like I said, we expect major fluctuations over the first two years.

I think that's all, folks!  Yep, motherhood.  This is what I've been waiting for all my life.

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  1. Love, love, love! Gabe is more precious than ever with that adorable smile! :)



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