Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Couch Must Die

My mother aptly titled this post.

You see, in the bonus room (yes, the one we are in the process of saving) lived this couch.  How we ended up with this couch is a story all on its own.  I had a perfectly fine couch up there, but bim, bam, boom!, a three couch switcheroo happened one day and we ended up with this couch.

It is a mystery how we got this couch into the bonus room.  Because I assure you, we have tried again and again and AGAIN to get it outta there.  No such luck.

Operation Save-a-Bonus-Room cannot commence without the removal of this couch.  SO, during my mom's recent visit, we made it our mission to remove this couch from the premises.

A story of a couch's death, in pictures:

The beginning.

Lots o' cushions.

Scarred doorway from our many attempts at removal.

Trying to see what we're working with on the inside.

Removing upholstery. 

Down to the padding.

Flipped the bitch over and got to work with the crowbar.  

The guts.
Notice the saw atop the piles of insides.

An arm, resting in the kitchen.

She served us well.

AND it's cut in half.  

The space left behind.
Death to the couch.

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