Friday, May 11, 2012

Well, What Do You Know?

I AM appreciated!
If you're a fellow teacher, I salute you.  If you're a parent, do something nice for those who help meld the minds of your children.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, y'all.


  1. we gave Saige's 4 preschool teachers Starbucks cards too! I copied that Pinterest idea with "thanks a latte"... what's your all-time favourite student gift? with Saiger's sassy'ness I may need to suck up ;)

  2. I am a BIG fan of the gift card! While I think that all of the "teachery" stuff is cute and sweet, after a few years in the biz, we are inundated with all things apple. I would much prefer a trip to Starbucks (or TARGET!) with a gift card in hand. Also, I once received a monogrammed tote bag that I still use today. Very cute and functional!



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