Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Twiddling My Thumbs

It's testing time.  That dreaded time of the year when I administer the End of Grade tests to third through fifth graders in my school.  Since I am not a homeroom teacher, I am usually asked to test students who require testing in a separate, one-on-one setting.

So myself and a proctor (usually a teacher assistant) sit in my tiny room for hours at a time, watching one poor schmuck take his or her test.  Checking over shoulders to make sure that the number on the bubble sheet matches the number in the test book. 

I'm not allowed to eat, drink, sleep, read, breathe too loudly, cough too loudly, get the hiccups, sneeze, clear my throat, or watch the paint dry.  Hell, I'm probably not even allowed to twiddle my thumbs, but a girl's gotta have something to do, am I right?

After today, I only have 30 days left here.  And this is what I will be doing for the majority of them.  Good times.

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