Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just Keep Swimming. Just Keep Swimming.

This weekend, the nugget had his first official swim lesson.  This also marked his very first time in a swimming pool.

Um...he loved it.

My little fish started splashing about two seconds after we entered the water, and continued to do so for the next ten minutes until the start of the lesson.  Oh, yeah, and he was laughing hysterically all the while.

He had absolutely no problem with me putting his face in the water, he kicked his little feet to "swim" to the side, and then he learned to pull himself out of the pool.  He giggled and smiled the whole time, and he certainly charmed his teachers.  I'd call this a success!
Watching the big kids in the pool behind ours.

Just stepping into the pool...

It's so fun!!

Bobbing around, laughing.

We love the pool!

Back floating.  Water in the ears?  NBD.

"Swimming" to the side of the pool.

The rain bucket, raining water down onto the nugget.

Climbing out on his own.  Can't wait for next week!

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