Monday, July 19, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Four Weeks: The Poppy Seed

I am newly pregnant.  After all of the trials and tribulations, heartaches, hopes, dreams, and wishes, I am finally pregnant.

On Sunday, June 13, I realized that I hadn't taken any pregnancy tests yet this cycle.  Several potential testing days had gone by without me peeing on anything.  It was sort of a miracle, as I clearly have a pee-on-a-stick problem.

So I got to peein'.  And I could. not. believe. my. eyes.

Two lines.

It took me several minutes to process what I was seeing.  I walked away, then came back and looked again.  Then I walked away.  Then I came back to look again.  There was definitely something there.  So I grabbed a digital test- foolproof- and tried that one, as well.

My friend Cecie used this kind of test.  She had told me that when she found out she was pregnant, that test took forever to show a result.  There's a little hourglass that flips over again and again while you wait.  Cecie said that her hourglass flipped for minutes before she got her positive result.

So imagine my surprise when that hourglass flipped over and back, then over one more time...and in about ten seconds, the magic word "Pregnant" appeared on its little digital display.

This is when I burst into tears.  And when I say tears, I don't mean the graceful single tear slipping silently down my cheek.  I mean huge, wracking, loud, sloppy sobs.

This sent J running.  We met on the stairs, me on my way down, him on his way up.  I couldn't get the words out.  I simply shoved the digital test in his face.

We stood on the stairs and hugged and cried and cried and hugged for at least five minutes.  (Okay, well I kept up the sloppy crying...J mostly just hugged.)

We called a few family members to share the good news, and enjoyed the day in disbelief.  We went out for a celebratory dinner at The Melting Pot, one of our favorites!

So this week is week four.  And our baby is the size of a poppy seed.  So far, other than the fact that my peaches just tasted off this morning, I don't feel pregnant.  But I say bring on the terrible symptoms.

I've been waiting to feel pregnant for a long time!

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