Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I just couldn't let this one pass me by.

For several years now, whenever my family would make the trek from Cincinnati to Toledo to visit family, we'd always count on one thing as we merged onto I-75.

Touchdown Jesus.

Funny name, no?  Well, he was actually called the "King of Kings," but I'm sure you all understand why he was commonly referred to as Touchdown Jesus by us locals.

An absolutely ginormous statue (seriously, ginormous- 62 feet tall!) located at the Solid Rock Church, he was always fun to ogle as we motored past in the ole' minivan.  It was also fun to throw our own arms in the air, yelling "TOUCHDOWN!"

Sadly, Touchdown Jesus is no more.

He was struck by lightening Monday night, and destroyed.

I know, scary, right? 

Can you imagine driving along the highway and glancing out your window, only to see a 62-foot tall Jesus consumed by flames?

Here is all that remains of the beloved Touchdown Jesus.

Solid Rocks says they will rebuild, bigger and better than before!

Long live Touchdown Jesus!

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