Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things I Heart: Digg

You know when you have those times when you're just not busy at work, or you're bored at home, and you just feel like playing around on the Internet?

J introduced me to a website that is perfect for just those occasions: Digg.

You just never know what little morsels you may find there.  Stories vary from the serious and newsworthy to the WTF? variety.  They find the best of the best from various websites and conveniently put them all in one place for your viewing pleasure!

Here are a few tidbits I found today:

Is King Tut's Penis Missing?
Wow- someone was really concerned that the world would find out that King Tut was less-than-well-endowed.

No Hope Left for Humanity: Twilight Now Destroying Marriages
I realize that the world is a little obsessed with the Twilight saga (for reasons absolutely unknown to me), but come on ladies...Jacob and Edward ARE NOT REAL!

The Funniest Sex Education Posters of All Time
My favorite:

Beer = yum.

Okay, so as I look back at my favorites from today, maybe I don't so much read the serious and newsworthy articles on Digg.  But come on!  Those sex ed posters are FUNNY!


  1. I knew it! Despite your claims, I have geekified you!

  2. No J, geeky is when you add the site to your special iPhone app so that you're alerted every time the site is updated. Occasional browsing does not a geek make.



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