Monday, May 3, 2010

A Saturday of Landing Planes

This weekend, our favorite local brewery opened its new location!

We were so excited when we heard good beer was coming to the 'Quay!  In our little town, any hint of a night life or a cool hang-out is sheer amazingness.  Aviator Brewery started out in a small airplane hangar, but quickly grew in local popularity...due to its extreme awesomeness, of course.  Now they have a much bigger brewery space, in addition to the taproom, where we like to have weekend beverages of the non-Miller Lite variety.

Lots of our pals showed up for the big day!  Somehow I managed to miss photographing our pal Jason and his wife, Blaire.  Jason works for Aviator, and always keeps us updated on the goings-on at the brewery.  (Just so you know, since I somehow missed their picture, Jason looked particularly jaunty with his mutton chops.)

Here are some other photos from the day!

J and I...looking shiny.  It was scorchingly hot.  I was very proud of my hair before we left the house...once we got there, not so much.

Scott and Amy.  Scott and J spent lots of time speaking nerd.

Julie and Ryan.  Thank God for Julie and her hair tie.  Without her, my aforementioned hair would have been a COMPLETE disaster.

Kim and her new man, Chris.  Cutie new couple!

Laurel and Amanda.  Two of my favorite ladies!

Good times!

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