Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let's talk about American Idol


What do you all think this season?

In the past, I have been a serious fan.  As in, not only didn't miss an episode, but watched it live (GASP!) so I could call in and vote, rather than on DVR, where I could fast forward through the commercials.

This year?  Not so much.  After the first few weeks, I realized that we had a little lack of talent thing goin' on.  So I continued to DVR, but didn't so much watch.

Well, I picked it up again this week, as we are getting down to the wire.  Luckily, I think America got it right in their final three.  Crystal Bowersox, Casey James, and Lee DeWyze were the only three that interested me back in the beginning.  They can actually sing!

And then there were two:
Let's face it; Crystal can sing.  She's got a style and a flavor all her own.  She's already a recording artist, she just hasn't so much recorded yet.  Everyone knew from week one that she'd be in the finals.  AND, as much as I think Casey James is a little dreamy, I think Lee DeWyze is a little dreamier (I mean, look at that grin...really.)  So I'm uber-glad that he's made it to the finals, and I'm hoping he wins the whole shebang.  (Also, his rendition of Hallelujah this week was hands-down the best performance of the night.  He deserved to move on.) 

 So who do you love this year?  As we learned last year, it's anybody's game.  (And if you say you knew Kris Allen was going to beat Adam Lambert, well, you're just a liar.) 

Time for my first ever blog poll!

So vote!  Vote!  Who do you want to win?

Who will be crowned this year's 'American Idol'?


  1. Now edited to include a spoiler warning at the beginning! (Like the Internet hasn't already ruined the surprise for those that haven't watched yet!)



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