Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SAHM Success

I'm finding my groove.

The nugget and I have had some fun times in the past couple of weeks.

We visited the coolest park in the world, and rode the train (twice!).

We painted a picture.  I know it looks like he used his fingers, but my little man does not appreciate the feeling of anything foreign on his delicate fingertips.  We had much greater success with the brush.

We went to the children's museum- which was absolutely amazing.  Seriously, locals, if you haven't taken your kids to Marbles, they are missing out.

All of this, and I have managed to accomplish at least one daily chore around the house and get dinner made most nights.

Yes, I am finding my groove.


  1. Once you get in the groove, baby #2 changes it all!
    Then you'll have to find a new & different groove.

    I miss those days!

    1. Oh Julie, I know that my world will be turned upside down when this little one arrives! I'm enjoying my one-on-one time with Gabe while I still have it, but am looking forward to the craziness that will ensue once #2 joins us!



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