Friday, August 3, 2012

Bump Watch: Week 16

16 Weeks: All is well with baby #2 as of my appointment this week.  This was quite possibly the quickest baby appointment I've ever had!  I guess they figure since I've done this before, I know what to expect and don't need a lot of hand holding.  And since this is true, I'm not bothered!

A quick review of first trimester tests- all normal- then a quick listen for baby.  Nice strong heartbeat in the 140s.  Baby was a little hard to catch this week.  There was a lot of moving around while the doctor tried to catch that heartbeat!  Doc commented that baby must think it's in the Olympics.  :)

We also had a quick chat about the pertussis vaccine.  I'm sure you've all read a lot about this in the news recently, since whooping cough seems to be all over the place lately.  I will be getting a booster during my third trimester.  J will also get up-to-date on this vaccine before baby arrives.  Better safe than sorry around here, folks!

Still waiting for the morning sickness to disappear.  It's getting better and better, but not entirely gone.  I have gained about a half a pound back, so that must mean things are looking up, right?  Of course, that half a pound may have come from all of the chips I have been eating lately.  Lunchtime is my best time of day- and I often eat the lunch to prove it.  I'm ashamed to say that I polished off a bag of cheddar & sour cream Baked Lays in only two days this week.  At least they're baked, right?  I assuage my guilt about this by reminding myself that I eat a small breakfast (which often comes back up) and not a very large dinner, either.  Lunchtime is where it's at.

Until next week!

P.S.- I promise to post a bump photo soon.  We haven't actually taken any yet...second baby syndrome?

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