Thursday, March 18, 2010


March Madness is officially here!  Have you filled out your bracket?  If you haven’t, you may be out of time.  Tournament play begins today with the Florida/BYU match-up at 12:20.  So HURRY!

If you’re not so sports savvy, but would like to appear as though you can take part in the conversations that will abound these next few weeks, check out this article that I found.  The thought of some of my not-so-sporty friends throwing around terms like “buzzer beater” and “ball movement” make me giggle. 

Oh, yeah.  And GO ‘CUSE!


  1. It looks like I might be the first person to comment on your blog!

    So, why didn't you give The Ohio State University a shout out for good luck in this post?

  2. Hi Neil! Thanks for commenting on my post!!

    You know, I've always been a divided sports fan, since I lived in Syracuse as a kid and moved to Ohio later. Football season, I'm all about the Buckeyes. Basketball season, I love my Orangemen! Plus, I tend to forget about Ohio State at basketball time, because until three years ago, their basketball program was crap. I believe that last time they won a basketball title was in the early 60's!

    But you're right, I should have given them some love! They'll most likely do well this year (but I still don't want them to beat Syracuse)!



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