Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Favorite Drink

I love my job.  Before moving to this new position this year, it had been six years since I had worked with kindergarteners.  I had absolutely forgotten how much I loved them until they came back into my life this year!  I currently work with five small groups of little ones a day; three kindergarten groups and two first grade groups.  Although the first graders are ultra cute and sweet, they lack a tiny bit of the innocence that the kindergarteners have.  They're more careful about just blurting things out, for fear of embarrassment.

Kindergarteners know no such fear.

My students are always saying funny or cute or ridiculous things that make me laugh.  For example:
  • A few weeks ago one of my students said (at 11:15): "Mrs. Anderson!  I know what time it is!  It's eleventy-three!"
  • Mrs. Anderson: "What's a word that starts with the letter g?"  Student: "Gangsta!"
  • A neat freak whose supply drawer was messy: "My drawer is a catastrophe!!"
  • At snack time, a little boy had forgotten to bring his snack: "I ain't got no snack!"  Me, correcting his grammar: "I don't have any snack."  Student, exasperated: "Well I don't have any, either!!"
This list could go on and on!

One of a teacher's greatest fears is that some day, a student is going to say something inappropriate, and we won't be able to hold back our laughter.  I had one of those moments today.

Mrs. Anderson, trying to give the kindergarten students hints about words that start with w: "What's something that we drink?"

Student answer: "BEER!"

And that was all she wrote, my friends.  I immediately laughed out loud, which of course set the rest of the students into fits of giggles.  It took me several minutes before I could explain that"WATER" was the word I was actually going for.

Have I said yet that I love my job?

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