Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Visit to the Principal's Office

So yesterday I got an email from the school secretary, asking that I stop by to see the principal sometime that day.  Immediately my heart started to beat a little faster, my hands got a little clammy, and I may have broken out into a momentary sweat.  My mind started racing through all of the possibilities- what had I done?  Isn’t it funny how the mere mention of the principal’s office can elicit this type of reaction, even from sane, level-headed adults?

I made it through the rest of my morning classes, despite my distracted psyche.  After my last student skipped back to his classroom, I fearfully made my way through the halls to the man’s office, and with trepidation waited to be invited in. 

Turns out, he wants to personally hand me a letter from the Assistant Superintendent, rather than putting it in my mailbox, stating that my Terminating Contract will terminate at the end of the school year.  Duh.  Already knew that!

Don’t fear for my job, friends!  It’s a mere technicality, and in the next six weeks or so I should be reassured that my job still exists.  I know budgets are tight, but hey, I’m pretty sure that the school district still aims for children to learn how to read.  I’m thinking my position isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

My heart rate is now back to normal, I am no longer sweating, and my hands feel just dandy.  Whew.

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