Saturday, March 27, 2010

What do you think?

What do you think is going through OMG Cat's mind?  Clearly she's seen something quite shocking.  Jaw-dropping, one might say.  I've come up with a few ideas of what she might be thinking...
  • OMG!  There goes my kitty boyfriend walking down the street with that milkaholic Lindsey!
  • OMG!  The dog is actually eating out of my litter box!  Gross.
  • OMG!  You bought that pick camouflage jacket, and you expect me to wear it? 
Jason had an idea, as well...
  • OMG!  A midget clown washing the dishes!
What do you think?


    1. Kitty just looked at the scale after the Christmas holiday.

      Kitty was trying to go to the ATM and realized that she has Jason's ATM card!


    2. OMG- are you STILL on facebook?? I know this because that's the look I get from Trey each night!
      Sarah W.



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