Thursday, July 5, 2012

Excitement, Confusion, Hope, Joy

Remember back when I wrote this post?

J and I had decided that we were ready to start a family, and things weren't happening for us quite as quickly as we'd hoped.  Visits to the doctor showed that both J and I were working with minor fertility issues, that together combined to form a bigger issue.  Just when we were at the point of trying some interventions, we found out that a tiny nugget was growing in my belly.  Joy.

At my initial OB appointment, we went over all of the recent test results, the doc telling us that we were so lucky to have conceived a healthy bean with a strong heartbeat, all on our own.  But that next time, there was a little bit of help she could give us to ease the process along.  This was even discussed at several appointments after Gabe's birth.

Fast forward to sometime after my boy's first year-

While at my annual lady exam, I spoke with a different doc (my regular is out on an extended medical leave- boo) about this same issue.  And she looked at me like I was a crazy person.

According to her, all of my test results way back when were normal.  Most definitely on the low end of normal, but normal nonetheless.  And yes, J was working with an issue, but one so minor that it most likely would have little, if any, effect on our chances of conceiving.

Whoa.  Say what, now?  What I'm hearing is that we are classified as a normally fertile couple?

Instant mind shift.  All this time, we thought we had issues to overcome.  But now we're being told that we're- gasp!- normal?  It was nice to know that when the time came, hopefully we'd be able to conceive lickety split.

Then the back and forth started.  One doctor said she'd offer help.  Another doctor said we didn't need it.  In either case, we're borderline.  Ick.  Were we incredibly lucky to get pregnant in only ten months?  Or did it just take us on the longer end of normal to conceive?  What to do?

Well, give it the old college try, that's what.

Have you guessed where I'm going with this?

Doctor number two was correct.  (And she also figured out why doc number one thought we had a problem, but that's another story for another day.  Mistakes happen.)  We're a-okay.  And I know this for a fact, because- you guessed it- we're expecting an addition to the family to ring in the new year.
Baby Anderson #2
Due 1.17.13

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