Friday, July 27, 2012

Bump Watch: Week 15

15 Weeks: Not too much new to report this week.  My morning sickness has begun to taper off.  It's not gone- every time I think that, she rears her ugly head- but it has significantly lessened.  Most days now I get solid chunks of time feeling good.

The body does absolutely amazing things during pregnancy.  For instance, did you know that a woman's immune system kicks into low gear during pregnancy in order to stop the body from rejecting or attacking the baby that is growing within?  Yes, well, now you know.  And thanks to this awesomeness, I have caught the crud from Gabe.  Boo.  So I traded in my morning sickness for some upper respiratory funk.  I blame this for my current energy zap.  Hoping this virus moves quickly and I can begin to really enjoy my second trimester!

In baby news this week- baby is getting big!  (That orange isn't too tiny, huh?)  Yesterday was the first day I looked down at my belly and felt like I actually looked pregnant.  According to all of the baby websites, the growing bean is just wiggling away in there.  I was telling J last night how I am sure that there have been several times that I've felt some movement, but I am looking forward to feeling distinct bumps and kicks.  Last time, I started getting bumped at 18 weeks, so it shouldn't be too much longer now!  

I have my next regular OB appointment on Wednesday.  Looking forward to hearing that heartbeat again, and scheduling my next ultrasound!  Really can't wait to get confirmation of this little one's sex.  I've got planning to do!

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