Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bump Watch: Weeks 13 and 14

Sorry for the delay- vacation one week, sick baby the next!  What's a blogger to do?

13 Weeks- Vacation week.  I kept myself seriously drugged up in order to be the most pleasant me I could be, and also try to enjoy vacation.  I slept marvelously all week, and got to sleep in past 8:00 every day.  It was magical, and it did wonders for my psyche.  I was sick, but only in the mornings, and only a few of the days.  Overall, BIG improvement from weeks prior.  I got creative with my wardrobe this week.  I am starting to bump out just a bit, to the point where I'm in between clothes.  My maternity wear is still too big, but my regular shorts are too snug.  So I broke out the belly band, which I somehow never quite managed to get the hang of last time, but I am totally digging this time.  Summer wardrobe success!

14 Weeks- HELLLOOOO second trimester!  And HALLELUJAH.  It seems as though morning sickness is finally easing up.  I have cut way back on my meds, and have had a few days where I felt- GASP!- normal.  I had almost forgotten what my normal self felt like.  I've missed her.  We had an appointment with the perinatologist this week for our first trimester screening.  This is a combination detailed ultrasound and blood test to determine baby's risk for several genetic disorders, including Down's Syndrome and Trisomy 13 and 18.  All results came back in the normal range.  It was such fun to get a peek at baby, who is no longer a bean, but a real live tiny person now!  A VERY ACTIVE tiny person, doing flips and turns, moving arms and legs, stretching and rolling the whole time.  Extremely cool to see.  (Also to feel- I am definitely feeling early flutters from time to time.)  We also got a guess as to baby's sex, but I think I'll keep you all in suspense until we have this verified at the 18-20 week mark.  ;)  I will, however, share baby's latest photo.    

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