Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shopping Adventures!

I had the most amazing shopping experience in California.

This is all thanks to J...who is a (self-proclaimed) sucky gift giver.  I do not find this to be true, however, he believes that he is terrible at this particular endeavor.  You see, J thinks that if I've already realized that I want something, then it's not a good gift.  It's also not a good gift if it's something useful (like a new vacuum cleaner), or something that I might buy for myself sometime in the future (like new pots and pans...which also happen to be useful...clearly a dreadful gift).

You can see how this limits the playing field.

So as our first anniversary approached, J began to fret over what he would get me.  We nixed sticking with the whole "paper anniversary" theme (mostly because I already knew I would be getting him the coveted iPad, which is clearly not made of paper), and said to buy whatever you feel like buying.

This didn't stop J from asking lots more questions.
"Does the gift have to be timeless?"
"Should it be mushy and sentimental?"
"Should we stick to a price range?"
"If I ask a million more questions to clear up my confusion, do you think a great idea will just appear before me as if by magic?"  (Okay, he didn't really ask that last one...but I think he was hoping that might happen nonetheless.)

J also questioned friends and family.  Maybe they might know of something that I don't know I want and hence won't buy for myself in the future!  And if we're all lucky, maybe it will also be useless!

As it turned out, J gave a GREAT gift... AND, it was technically paper after all.

No, it wasn't money.  (Well, not technically.)

When we exchanged gifts (at 6:30 am, because I was so excited to give J his iPad that I couldn't fall back asleep), I was presented with a shirt box.  I really didn't have a clue as to what would be inside, as I know J SURELY didn't buy me clothing.

Inside was a map...of a little slice of heaven known as Fashion Valley Mall.

J had printed a basic picture of the mall, and filled in all of the designer shops that he thought I might like to visit!  (I mean, REALLY.  SO cute).  I realized that this meant I had been given permission to shop.  WITHOUT having to spend my allowance.

I was positively giddy as I looked at the stores J had listed.  Louis Vuitton...Jimmy Choo...Michael Kors...Hermes...Burberry...Carolina Hererra...Kate Spade...Betsey Johnson...not to mention Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks, all of which carry every designer you can think of.

When we arrived in San Diego, we couldn't check into our hotel quite yet.  So, we hit the mall.

I nibbled on some chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva as we wandered.  (I mean, it was all about the decadence, right?)  I was completely overwhelmed by all of the choices.  I browsed through boutique after fabulous boutique.  And the best part?  Since this was a present for me, J had to be tolerable whilst shopping.  This is a difficult feat for him to accomplish, as he is normally obnoxious and annoying on shopping trips...which makes me miserable...which is why I leave him at home unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

I looked at bags, tried on shoes (and some maternity jeans...even though they were useful...), and perused the jewelry at Tiffany.

And then we left empty handed.

It was just too much!  I couldn't decide.  But I did narrow it down to a few choices: designer diaper bag, from either Coach or Kate Space, bracelet from Tiffany's, or clutch from Michael Kors.  (I know you are all SHOCKED to hear that no shoes made the cut, but the ones I really loved were completely, utterly and outrageously out of the agreed upon price range.)

Over the next few days, I thought and I thought about what I would choose.  And finally decided on a Kate Spade diaper bag.

We went BACK to the mall, J as pleasant as ever, and picked up this adorable baby bag.
Will I be the most chic mommy on the block, or what?
 BONUS: In the two days since we had been there last, the bag had gone on sale!

So we strutted on down to Michael Kors (at least I strutted...I mean, I was already carrying a large shopping bag from Kate Spade) and we picked up this cute little number, too!

Yay for two bags!!
I thoroughly enjoyed this shopping trip, and I give J an  A+  for his gift giving skills!


  1. I love love love the Diaper bag - makes me want to go get knocked up ;)

    And your baby bump pic from Turnip Week is adorable - can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Well, Kristy, you'll be a married in just TWO SHORT WEEKS! Getting knocked up on the honeymoon is completely fair game...




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