Monday, September 20, 2010

From the Peanut Gallery- Week 17: The Turnip

Again with the weird produce...anyone out there ever eaten a turnip?
This is the week I have been waiting for.

I think I'm finally at that stage people have been telling me about.

I've reached The Promised Land.

I feel great 98% of the time, I have energy (although I still totally rock a nap everyday...because...well, because I can), I have a true baby bump, AND...I can eat!!

I've actually been hungry.  A LOT of hungry.  Every two hours hungry.  But instead of forcing my self to eat two bites of something to avoid barfing every two hours, I actually WANT food every two hours.  I'm definitely not over-eating.  I still don't really clean a plate, well, ever.  But it's oh-so-exciting to enjoy my favorite meals again.

I am also back in the kitchen!  The smells there are no longer my enemy.  I can handle cooking a meal.  J and I even made a trip to the grocery store to stock up on some refrigerator and pantry essentials (and three cake mixes, two different types of cookies, and the makings of an apple pie...apparently baby wanted dessert).  This was a truly monumental feat.  You see, for many, many weeks now, the grocery store has also been my enemy.  I actually could not step foot in the door, lest the sight and aroma of food, food, everywhere food send me running for the little trash can in the meat aisle.  It was nice to browse up and down each aisle, throwing unnecessary treats into the cart at every turn.

My other favorite part of the week is the bump.  Ah, the bump.  The outward sign of pregnancy that I've been waiting for.  It's here.  It's really, really here.  I've had lots of fun shopping for maternity clothes, and I think I've done an okay job of picking out things that are actually pretty cute.  It's so fun to be wearing things that showcase our little man, growing and growing.  J, being the ultimate supportive hubby, worried that I may be feeling less attractive with my growing figure.  (Yes, ladies, you read that correctly.  He wanted to talk with me about my feelings.)  In all actuality, I am feeling more attractive.  I have lost a lot of the self-consciousness that I had, and I feel good about rocking the bump.  In my cute new clothes.  With great accessories.  And 3-inch heels.  Yep.  I feel good.
Maybe I finally love being pregnant?  Yes, friends, I have been waiting for this week.  Yes I have.

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