Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Theater, The Theater

Last week Gabe had a first.  The theater.
I can't remember the first show I saw in the theater.  I'm guessing it was "The Nutcracker" ballet.  My mom and I (and later my sister) used to go watch the ballet every year at Christmastime.  I always loved going to the theater, for ballets, plays, musicals.  I loved getting dressed up in my fancy clothes and sitting among all of the fancy adults.  I loved the lights, the music, the dancing.  It was all so magical to me.

I've dreamed of having those kinds of special nights out with my children.  Now that Gabe is a little older, he's shown so much interest in all things new and different. He has always been so shy, resistant to change, scared of things outside of his routine.  But now, things like a hockey game, the skate park, putt putt!  He has LOVED them.

I had literally just mentioned to J that I though Gabe might enjoy seeing a show at the theater (after watching Sing with the kids).  Not a day or two later, I heard an advertisement for "Matilda: The Musical."

Matilda was my absolute favorite book as a child.  I must have read it at least ten times.  I was so excited to read it with Gabe a few months ago.  After we finished the book, we watched the movie.  I've heard Gabe pretending to be "The Trunchbull" while playing.  This was definitely the perfect first show for him.

What a special date we had.  We went out to dinner, just the two of us.  Red Robin was his choice.  (Apparently they have the best corn dogs around.)  Then we headed downtown to the theater.  We found our seats.  Seeing his tiny little body sitting in that big grown-up seat, reading the Playbill, was basically the cutest thing ever.

Until the show started.  Wide eyes, glued to the stage.

During intermission, we shared a giant cookie and talked about the show.  He was interested in the actors, the scenery, the songs.  He was excited to get back to his big seat to see the conclusion.  During the second act, I could see his eyelids getting a little bit heavy.  But he refused to fall asleep.  He made it all the way to the end, and about two minutes into the car ride home before he was out.

As much as I want my children to stay babies forever, I am also so excited to be able to share these types of experiences with them as they grow up.  So many things that are old new to me are just magical for them.  Being able to experience these firsts with them sends a little bit of that magic back my way.

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