Sunday, July 31, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 22: Favorite Super Hero

What I really want to say is Wonder Woman.  Not only can she fly, but even her accessories have super powers!  And you all know how I feel about accessories.  The girl wears a tiara, for Pete's sake.  A magical tiara.  And indestructible bracelets.  Total coolness.
And a bustier to boot.  What a fashionable hero she is!
But the truth is, Wonder Woman is kinda off the radar.

Really, I think Batman is the most badass of all the super heroes.  I'm not sure why, really, because he can't fly, he doesn't have any magical abilities, and if we're being honest, he doesn't even have super powers!  He's just a badass with really cool gadgets.  And lots o' money to fund his badassery.  Maybe that's why I love him so.
Plus, everyone must admit that "The Dark Knight" made Batman cool again.  So long, Adam West.  POW!  I am so looking forward to "The Dark Knight Rises", so that Christian Bale may return to protect Gotham City once more.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 21: Things That Make Me Happy

My baby's smiling face.
Don't you just want to pinch those precious cheeks?

I'd like to eat this for breakfast.  All of this.

Holding hands.
Yes, I'm a sap.

Cute shoes.
I pretty much covet all of these.  Especially the top left.

People Magazine arriving in the mail.
Please note- People Magazine makes me happy.  Justin Bieber does not!

Finishing an excellent book.
I literally said the words "I'm so happy!" out loud to no one when I finished this book.

I literally said the words "I'm so happy!" to J after I got an epidural.

Being in love.
Best. husband. ever.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tired **

**FYI, I had this post beautifully written in my mind as I was laying awake around 4:00 this morning.  I remember thinking to myself, "What great word choice that is!  Oh, that's a funny transition!  Don't forget to include this!"  I don't remember a word of what I had thought out then.  Too bad.

Yep, I'm tired.  And it's not because I have a baby, which would be the logical excuse.  It's because I am old, with creaky joints and an unsupportive mattress! 

Could I possibly sound more like an crotchety old lady, really?

We're currently sleeping on the firmest mattress in the house (because Plush is technically more firm than Pillow Top, no?), and have even purchased a memory foam mattress topper (just like NASA uses!!) to cradle my achy self into a supported, restful slumber.

It ain't workin'.

My tossing and turning is keeping J awake, and he sleeps through everything!  I'm even disturbing the dog.

Mama thinks it's time for a new bed. 

And unfortunately, that is all.  I'm pretty sure I had other things to say when I originally thought this out.  A humorous anecdote, even.  But as I sit here typing now, I've got nothin'.  Maybe if I get a new bed, I'll rest easier, and I'll have something better to contribute?

Until then...tired.

30 Day Challenge | Day 20: The Blog Name

I know it's part of the challenge and everything, but I've already written this post.  You can read it here.

And to make up for my lack of actual writing in this post, I'll post twice today!  IN YOUR FACE, 30 Day Challenge! 

Happy weekend, everybody! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 19: Nicknames

What's in a name?  There are probably more nicknames out there that I don't know about (yikes!), but I certainly have one very obvious nickname: Betsey.  My full first name is actually Elisabeth, but I have been called by the name Betsey since I was born.

And yes, you read that correctly.  That's Betsey with an 'e-y', and Elisabeth with an 's'.  You remember those little plastic license plates you could get for your bike when you were a kid?  Yeah, I never had one.

Elisabeth is actually a family name, and Betsey- well, I don't actually know why!  I guess my parents just liked it!  AND, there is a Hallmark artist by the name of Betsey Clark (my maiden name), spelled the same way as mine and everything!  I had one of these cheesy Christmas ornaments for every year from the time that I was born until I turned 15, when they stopped being made.
If you look really closely, you can see the artist's signature on the bulb.

Kinda nifty.

Some other names I am called:
Mrs. Anderson (by my current students)
Miss Clark (by droves of previous students that see me at the grocery store on a weekly basis)
Bets (for short- most of my family calls me this)
B (for shorter)
Ginger, Gingersnap, or G2 (by my favorite fellow ginger, G1)

And wow, if someone out there on the Interwebs is stalking me, I just gave away a whole lotta information!  So much for anonymity! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 18: Fears

My fears fall into two categories: phobias, and completely irrational, crazy, never-gonna-happen fears.

We'll start with my phobia.  It's arachnophobia.  As in, I'm ridiculously afraid of spiders.  (Well, all bugs, really, but especially spiders.)  So much so that I do not care to search for an image of the eight-legged monster to illustrate my phobia.  Instead, I will include the movie poster from the movie Arachnophobia.  Remember that oldie but goodie?  (NOT.) 
How my ten-year-old self ever made it though that movie is beyond me.

And my crazy, irrational fear.  Although I've never been in any kind of serious car accident, I have crazy car fears.  One of them is flipping my car.  The other is crashing into water.  Put these two together, and you have the crazy car accident where my car flips over and lands in water.  I truly want one of those devices that will cut you out of your seat belt and smash your car window so that you can escape the sinking car.  Seriously.  J thinks I'm nuts, but this is the stuff of my nightmares.  
Yep, I'm scared of that.
Unfortunately, spiders are a part of life.  Especially since I live in the south, where bugs just never die.  Here's to hoping that this crazy car situation stays firmly in my nightmares...or something like that.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 17: Family Photo

Here is the most recent family photo of me and my boys.
I've got to do a better job of taking more of these!  I have about a million pictures of Baby G, and tons of pics of him with J, but it seems that I am always the one behind the camera, and never in front of it.  (The life of a mom, right?)  So local friends, when we're together, remind me of this!  Take our picture, pretty please?

Monday, July 25, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 16: Celebrity Crush(es)

Once again, I couldn't possibly narrow it down to one!  That's just CRAZY talk.

J and I have spoken (more than once, I'm afraid) about how often I express my lusty feelings about celebrity men.  Luckily, J is not a jealous man.

Instead of one crush, I'm going with my top four- yes, more than three, less than five- in no particular order.  Because who could really choose a favorite from among these hotties?

1. George Clooney
The sophisticated, debonair playboy.  The salt and pepper hair and sly smirk get me every time.  Plus, I just think he's a nice guy.  Yummy.

2. Orlando Bloom
I believe that any man who looks insanely handsome whilst wearing a long blonde wig and pointy ears has something special going for him.  Also, who wouldn't love a pirate?  Again, yummy.

3. Justin Timberlake
Sexy, sexy, sexy.  He can sing.  He can dance.  He can act.  He's funny.  And he's also pretty easy on the eyes.  Delish.

4. Patrick Dempsey
It's truly his hair that gets me.  Don't you just want to run your fingers through it?  Also yummy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 15: Must-Have Item

What would I never leave the house without?  That's a no-brainer.
My iPhone.  It's just about the most useful piece of technology ever invented.  Need to make a phone call or send a quick text message?  Grab the iPhone.  Want to check your e-mail?  It's right there, on the iPhone.  Want to listen to some music?  There's an iPod built right into the iPhone.  Need to do some fact-checking?  Browse the Internet on the iPhone.  Want the daily news headlines or weather report?  You guessed it.  Get them on the iPhone.

Other things that I use the iPhone for:
Social networking
Reading e-books
Keeping a calendar
Taking pictures and storing photos
Shopping online
Playing games
Google mapping
Timing contractions (yes, of course there's an app for that)
Finding recipes

For my fellow iPhoners, here is a list of my top ten apps!

10. Walgreens- Free
This app is really useful (and fun and cool!) if you use the Walgreens pharmacy.  When your prescription is due for a refill, you can scan the bar code found on your current meds, and voila!  Prescription refilled in an instant.  I'm a fan of the bar code scanning.  I also use Walgreens to print photos, and I can easily order prints right from my phone.

9. AllRecipes Pro- $2.99
If you have ever searched for recipes online, I'm sure you have come across the website.  I am always looking for new recipes, and am a frequent visitor the the website.  I have an account set up so that I can save recipes to my virtual "recipe box."  The Pro version of this app allows me to access my recipes from my phone.  It also has a "Dinner Spinner" (also found in the free version) that allows me to search for recipes by type of dish, ingredients, and preparation time. 

8. Shazam- Free
Have you ever been listening to a song and really wondered who was singing it?  Maybe it's a new artist that you're interested in hearing more from, or maybe it's one of those One Hit Wonders from the 80's that you just can't quite remember?  Shazam is the answer.  Just open the app and push the ginormous SHAZAM button.  It will listen to the song, and an instant later tell you everything you wanted to know about it.  Song title, artist, lyrics.  It will even link you right to iTunes if you'd like to download immediately.  Love this app.

7. Words With Friends- Free
It's Scrabble that you can play with friends here, there, and everywhere!  In fact, I'm playing Scrabble with no less than seven friends right now. 

6. IMDb- Free
You would not believe how often I use this app.  It has everything you could possibly want to know about the world of movies.  Who is the actor that plays ____ in ____?  When is the new movie ____ coming out?  How old is ____?  Where else do I know ____ from?  It is truly shocking how often I open this app to look something up.  It's also fun to read the trivia about a movie after watching it.  I always learn something interesting.

5. HeyTell- Free
It's somewhere in between sending a text message and using a walkie-talkie.  Hold a button and speak your message.  After releasing button, message is sent to recipient.  Recipient gets notification of a new message, and upon opening app, your message is spoken to them.  This is really great when you're driving, and just need to send a quick message.  No need for a phone call, and no texting whilst driving.  It's a safety app!

4. Target- Free
Those Daily Deals that I love so?  I check them out every morning on the Target app.  This app is also handy to search for specific products before heading to the store (it will show you if they are in stock) or locate specific items while you're in the store (it will tell you which aisle the product is located in).

3. Kindle- Free
I love Katarina (my Kindle).  She is so handy to have around.  She holds all my books for me, and is so lightweight that I can read with one hand.  But sometimes I find myself in a situation where I'd like to read, but don't have Katarina with me.  Luckily, I never leave home without my iPhone!  There is a Kindle app that also stores all of my books.  The app will open my book right where I left off on the Kindle, and I can continue reading.  Love.

2. Facebook- Free
I love the Facebook.  And it's on my phone.  Awesomeness.

And the Number One App Award goes to.....(insert drumroll here)

1. AMAZON!- free
Yes, I shop on Amazon like my life depends on it.  In my house, if it didn't come from the grocery store, chances are pretty good it came from Amazon.  UPS stops at our house three or four times each week.  We're big fans.  I love that I can order things anytime, anywhere with just one little click. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 14: TV Addiction

If you remember this post, you'll remember that this penny pinching household no longer has cable.  SO, being obsessed with any particular TV show is a little more difficult for me than for others.  However, I have a hubby who can find me just about anything on the Interwebs.

Lately, I have been watching series from beginning to end.  I started with Mad Men, then re-watched Felicity in its entirety, then went all the way through Big Love.  Now, reality TV is up.  I am making my way through the current season of So You Think You Can Dance.
I love dance.  I think it's beautiful.  (Maybe that's because I spent many, many hours of my childhood in the dance studio.)  I love that they showcase all different types of dance, from ballroom to hip hop.  I love that there is a story to all of the different performances.  I love that these kids are realizing a dream.

And before you non-dancers judge me for what you may believe is an utter waste of time, you should know that even J occasionally finds the beauty in this show.  Every season there are one or two stunning dances that stay with me.

Watch these two from past seasons and tell me that there isn't something special about this show.  The first is about a woman fighting addiction, the second about a woman battling breast cancer.  Chills, every single time.

Friday, July 22, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 13: Favorite Musician

Call me a cheater if you will.  Because I'm about to cheat again.

You saw some random selections from my iPod here, which should tell you that asking me to choose a favorite musician is like asking Michelle Duggar to choose a favorite child.  I like too many musicians, too many songs, too many styles.

SO, here's what you'll get: my favorite musicians from my favorite genres of music. 

I love me some Eric Clapton.  I love him in every embodiment, from The Yardbirds to Cream to Derek and the Dominos, and I even love him when he's just his little old self.  He has mad guitar skills...for realz.  I saw him in concert a few years back, and it was amazing.  Talent oozes out of his pores.  "Lay Down Sally" has one of the best guitar solos around, and Layla (in its original form) will forever be one of my favorite songs. 

I've gotta give this one to my boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.  I will admit to loving him way back when he was in *NSync.  I even saw them in concert when I was in college.  I have lusted over JT for many a year.  But then he came out with his first solo album, and I realized he could actually sing!  I must have listened to the "Justified" album a million times.  I was thrilled when he released "FutureSex/LoveSounds" a few years later.  Thank you, JT, for bringing "Sexy Back" into my life.

This type of folksy, bluesy, jazzy, sometimes poppy, sometimes country, sometimes rocky amalgamation is different to say the least.  And in my current opinion, Sarah Bareilles does it best.  Her voice is unique, her lyrics are poetic, her melodies are hauntingly beautiful.  And I love to sing her stuff.  Plus, I just think she's kinda cool.  Her biggest hit, "Love Song," was written as kinda a f-you to the record label, who insisted she include a love song on her first album.  How spectacular that the song exploded in popularity.  Apparently, they let her do what she wanted on her second album.  J and I saw her open for Maroon 5 a few years back, and she's wonderful live.  Currently, I can't get "Gonna Get Over You" out of my head.

I'll stop at these, but just know that I also love Motown (especially Stevie Wonder!), R&B (Alicia Keys comes up all.the.time on my pod), Hip-Hop (I dig Outkast), and I even have a small soft spot for country (because what singer wouldn't love to belt out a Carrie Underwood tune?). 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 12: The Town Where I Live

I currently reside in the small town of Fuquay-Varina.  Or as I lovingly refer to it, The Quay.

The Quay still has some old time charm, which I love.  Our "downtown" consists of several small shops, a couple of restaurants, and an office here or there.

What I don't love is having to drive at least 20 minutes to get to any place else.  My doctor and dentist are in Cary, Target is in Apex, the movie theater is in Garner.  But this is the price I am willing to pay to stay in the Quay.  I like the small town feel, and I cannot tell a lie, I like the price of real estate!

We have a very happy little home here in Fuquay-Varina!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 11: My Make-Up Bag

Note: These are not the contents of my make-up bag, but rather a random photo from the Interwebs
Well, to start with, I actually don't wear a ton of make-up.  However, I promise you, you wouldn't know this by checking out my make-up bag!  I have a wide array of goods that are seldom worn (and a few precious gems I frequent). 

Here goes!

  • Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation in Buff Beige
  • MAC Mineralize blush in Redhead (This is perilously close to being gone, and sadly, the color is extinct.  This deeply saddens me, as it is clearly the perfect color for an almost ginger.)
  • Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder in Creamy Natural
  • Random, nameless concealer/highlighter duo
  • Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor in Wine (my wedding lipstick and go-to red)
  • Estee Lauder Go Wink Liquid Eyeshadow in Brown Eyed Baby
  • Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner in Black
  • L'Oreal Brow Colourist Highlighting Pencil in Light Golden Brown (I pretty much never highlight my brows, but it has a great brow brush attached to the cap that I love)
  • Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara in Blackest Black
  • Mary Kay Eyeliner Pencil in Bronze (the BEST staple- goes with everything!)
  • L'Oreal Endless Kissable lipstick in Color 870
  • Four Ulta eye shadows:Bermuda Sand (I somehow have two of these, oops!), Aztec Gold, and Lustre (this one has been dropped several times and is now dust, but I still try to use it)
  • Two MAC eye shadows: Naked Lunch and Sable (my everyday duo)
  • Blush Brush
  • Eye Shadow Brush
  • Angled Eye Shadow/Liner Brush
I also have a drawer at home with a million more seldom used lipsticks and eye goods.  Geesh!

On a related note- I am in need of foundation recommendations.  I am thinking that I need a good, department store brand.  I want something that will look great on my face, and also help with that whole aging thing.  My current brand claims not to settle into fine lines, but I've got news: it's a liar pants.  

Also, any other gingers out there have the perfect blush, now that mine is defunct?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gabe- Five Months

I'm pretty sure I say it every month. but I'll say it again...time is flying.  I can't believe my boy has been here now for five months.  This is all happening way too fast!

Baby G is a mover and a shaker.  Put him down in the floor, and watch out.  Gone are the days when he would stay in one place and we felt safe to look away for a moment.  Now, he rolls this way and that, he scoot, scoot, scoots all over the place, and he is even trying desperately to get his little legs up underneath him, lest they hinder his movement any longer. 

He likes to play.  As in, really play.  He is fascinated with his toys.  He will reach out and grab them, and immediately put them in his mouth.  He makes rattles rattle, and spinners spin.  He has found his toes, and if no toy is available, he will lay on his back and play with them.  J has said that this is the month that Gabe became fun.

The boy has teeth!  And he wants to use them!  One day, I was holding him in my lap while I ate a cinnamon roll for breakfast.  He watched my hand like a hawk.  Every. single. move.  He reached out his little hand like he wanted a bite.  The boy wanted some real food.  He had cereal for lunch that day.  Since then, he has also given sweet potatoes and peas a whirl.

He has started exhibiting preferences.  He has a favorite show (Yo Gabba Gabba), a favorite toy (links), a favorite dog (Daphne).  How is it that one so little already knows what he likes?  Amazing.
Just watching Yo Gabba Gabba, playing with my toes.

Love my links!

Other Gabe-isms:
He is not a morning person.
He loves the water.
He likes to be held in the air, flying like Superman.
Holding onto a burp cloth makes him happy.

I love learning new things about him, and not a week goes by when this doesn't happen.  He is just such a delight.  Love that boy of mine.

Things I Heart: Babble

It is quite possible that I am extremely behind the times, and all the cool moms already knew about this.  But yesterday I stumbled across a website that I just loved, so I thought I'd share. is a parenting website "for a new generation of parents."  It has all kinds of info on pregnancy, babies, and kids, recipes, family fun, and even some celebrity dish (anyone else craving to see a picture of Harper Seven?). 

Yesterday I read about the 50 Best iPhone Apps for Moms, 10 Ways to Eat Ramen for Dinner, and Tips for Taking Photos of Baby.  And then I read some more.

Seriously great stuff, and some very entertaining motherhood funnies, as well.  Enjoy, mommies!

30 Day Challenge | Day 10: My Favorite Restaurant

This is a toughie for me.  I like to eat out just about as much as I like to cook!  My favorite place to go depends on the mood.  So I'm going to cheat, and pick two places.

Here's the first:

Not much to look at on the outside, but on the inside, well...this is the real reason we go to Tyler's:
Beer!  Lots and lots of beer!

We also go for this:
The Beer Cheese Queso is the most amazing dip evah.....
If we're feeling a little fancier, or maybe like we'd like a dining experience, we go here:
Because who wouldn't love this?
And now I'm hungry.


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